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ELEMENTAL ANALYTICS (PTY) LTD offers sales, services and seamless analytical system integration for gas analysers, petrochemical analysis, environmental monitoring and lab instruments.  We design, install, test and commission analytical products for process control, process optimisation and environmental applications.  With the use of our extensive experience doing turnkey projects, we offer a full extended product portfolio with related sample systems.  We are committed to exploring the import replacement market and serve the industry with products of high quality and reliability. We place great emphasis on our product enhancement program and remain committed to the search for new technology to add to our current product portfolio.

Senior Management accepts the accountability of leadership to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 17025:2017 International Standards, encouraging a culture of excellence to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and business results.

Our SHEQ Management System is risk-based, comprehensive and flexible, directed towards growth and achieving the following:

  • Compliance with applicable legal, statutory and other requirements, codes, standards and specifications;
  • Identify, assess, control and minimise risks, internally and externally to the Company;
  • Provide facilities, equipment and a work environment that secures a safe and healthy work environment;
  • Ensure that our employees are adequately trained and informed;
  • Prevention of nonconforming outputs, injury, ill health and pollution;
  • Respect and protect the environment and being responsible for the utilisation of natural resources;
  • Commit to continually improve Company performance through regular internal and external reviews and audits.
  • Promote dialogue with stakeholders and interested parties to create an effective partnership to secure business continuity.

Specific SHEQ objectives and targets shall be established annually and monitored quarterly.  Objectives and targets shall be re-aligned where necessary to achieve the desired results. 

The SHEQ policy, objectives and targets shall be communicated, understood, applied and available to all levels in the Company, relevant stakeholders as well as to interested parties. 

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