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Servomex ServoThough 2700 Combustion and Boiler Optimisation analyser.

A combined gas analysis solution for cleaner and more efficient combustion

Combustion is essential to many industrial processes. Usually taking place in a fired heater, it is often the only way to create the extremely high temperatures required.
The combustion reaction mixes fuel with oxygen (from air), delivering heat energy for use within the process. Typically, this requires a significant amount of fuel, creates potential safety hazards, and generates harmful emissions.

Excess fuel can create unsafe conditions that could lead to an explosion, while excess oxygen (O2) will combine with nitrogen and sulfur present in the fuel to produce unwanted emissions, for example oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and sulfur (SOx).

The most efficient combustion reaction, therefore, depends on optimizing the ratio between the air and fuel. This requires highly accurate gas analysis of O2 and combustibles (COe).

The SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 gas analyzer is designed by Servomex to measure O2 and COe in flue gases, improving combustion efficiency and reducing emissions.

Developed to operate in some of the hottest and most extreme process environments, it meets the most demanding needs of combustion efficiency applications in the power generation and process industries.

Armed with an integral sampling system, it is ideal for use in extremely hot environments, operating in high-temperature processes up to 1750°C (3182°F). This resilience makes it the combustion analyzer of choice for a wide range of processes, including use in process heaters, utility boilers, thermal crackers, incinerators, and furnaces.

The FluegasExact 2700 uses proven Zirconia technology for O2 sensing and a sulfur-resistant combustibles sensor, all in one compact platform. Its close-coupled extractive measurement principle ensures a long sensor life by keeping these sensors outside the harsh process conditions, in a heated enclosure.

Zirconia sensing technology has been long-established as a solution for O2 monitoring in combustion, and delivers reliable, accurate results with a fast response to changing conditions. The addition of a combustibles sensor provides an all-in-one combustion control solution.

Additionally, Flowcube technology enables positive flow conditions to be validated, supporting preventative maintenance and low-flow alarms, and the analyzer is hazard rated for ATEX Cat. 3, IECEx Zone 2 & North America Class 1, Division 2.

Controlling combustion produces many benefits for plants looking to meet environmental standards requirements. Fuel consumption is reduced, and safety improved. It also results in fewer emissions, a reduction in NOx, SOx and carbon monoxide, and a decrease in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. This makes the FluegasExact 2700 an integral part of many clean air strategies.

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