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A Fully Integrated Soil Gas Flux System

The EosensePicarro flux chamber system allows you to connect up to 16 automated chambers to a single Picarro analyzer to continuously collect measurements from areas over 2800 m2 in size (60 m diameter). To provide maximum flexibility, Eosense automated chambers are available in large and small sizes with a choice between opaque or transparent designs. Chambers can be mixed and matched within a single system to suit the unique needs of your investigation.

The system provides all the hardware, software and accessories needed to collect high precision soil gas flux measurements. Picarro has a wide variety of analyzers and unmatched stability for measuring fluxes of multi-species gases and isotopologues. The EosensePicarro automated chamber system is a complete solution for soil gas flux measurements – from collecting measurements in the field to processing data in the lab, our system covers all your needs at every step in the soil gas flux monitoring process.

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