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Dr Foedisch Multi Gas Analyser MGA 12

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The multi gas analyzer MGA 12 serves the continuous measurement of pollutants in flue gas (e.g. CO, CO2, SO2, NO) and the measurement of O2 as well as the continuous process control. The analyser device is suitability tested according to DIN EN 15267-3 and certified in compliance with QAL1. As a part of the analyzer system MGA 12 it is suitability tested and certified for systems after “TA Luft”, 13th and 27th BImSchV according to DIN EN 15267-3.


The MGA 12 is applicable all-purpose for measurement of emissions, raw gases or processes. As system in regulatory emission measurement systems, amongst others, it serves the exhaust concentration control in combustion plants with different types of fuel, the combustion optimization and the process and safety management control.

Application examples:

  • power plants
  • refineries
  • cement industry
  • industrial exhaust air
  • coal bunkers


In the MGA 12 three independent, selectively working measuring methods apply: infrared absorption, electrochemical cell and paramagnetic measuring method. By the functional principle of infrared absorption up to fiveinfrared gas components (e.g. CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2,CH4) can be detected simultaneously. This spectroscopic method is based on the absorption of non-dispersive infrared radiation (NDIR photometry).

The measurement of O2 can be made via paramagnetic or electrochemical method. Also the measurement of H2S[1] is carried out via one of two available electrochemical cells.

Elemental Analytics_Dr Foedisch Multi Gas Analyser MGA 12 (1)

Highlights of the device

  • simultaneous measurement of up to five gas components with limit value signalling and measuring range change-over
  • local diagnosis of the system state
  • display of bar diagram for every component
  • flow control as well as display of flow rate
  • reduced cross-sensitivities by internal spectral filter
  • internal monitoring for condensate ingress with switch contact for pump switch-off
  • control of a back-purging probe (interval and pulse time)
  • control of zero point drift
  • low maintenance requirement
  • first-class price-performance ratio

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