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Buhler Technologies AGF-PV

Buhler Technologies

Buhler Technologies AGF-PV details:

The AGF-PV-30 series features a PVDF and glass housing and is equipped with the Bühler Unique quick-release fastener. The filter head has an additional connection for installing a moisture detector. A variety of materials is available based on the application.

Additional filters are therefore often installed at the point where the sample gas enters the analysis system and also before delicate system components. The filter housings must be made of corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent materials, easy to install and easy to maintain. They should further be compatible with various filter elements.

Even if the particular contaminant has already been removed at the extraction point through effective particle filtration inside the gas sampling probe, in long or branched sample gas line there is a risk of secondary contamination.


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